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Window Cleaning 
We use squeegees and profession tools to clean your windows which will leave a streak-free sparkling shine.  Our ladders our padded and precautions are taken not to damage the exterior of your building. 
Besides homes, we also service commercial buildings that include, but are not limited to, auto dealerships, store fronts, schools, banks, apartment complexes, and restaurants.
Pressure Washing and Staining/Sealing
Pressure Washing can deep clean many areas on the exterior of your building or home.  The amount of water pressure used will depend on the unique surface being cleaned, so not to damage the area.  Pressure washing away the many years of dirt and grime will have the surface looking like new.  After the cleaning, we can stain/seal your deck in your chosen color, or seal your concrete which will protect them against the weather elements.
Wood deck
Exterior of homes & buildings 
Gutter Cleaning
Leaves and debris collect in a building's rain gutters and clog them.  This improper drainage can damage your home or building's soffit and fascia, interior walls, and roofing to name a few.  Our gutter cleaning service will help you avoid troublesome unnecessary repair costs.  All debris removed will be bagged and taken away.  We can also make repairs to your gutter system.
Construction Clean-up
We assist builders/contractors with the clean-up portion of the construction process.  We remove and clean off all debris remaining on the building's windows (paint, taping, mud, silicone, plaster, over-spray, etc.)  The windows will be crystal clear and move-in ready.
Chandelier Cleaning
We can get to those dusty chandeliers you cannot reach.  Your floors will be covered with drop cloths, so they are protected from possible ladder marks.  We will have your chandeliers sparkling for your guests to admire at your next party. 
If you have a project not listed above, but you feel we may be able to do it for you, please do not hesitate to ask us about it.
Exterior window cleaning
Interior window cleaning
Window screen cleaning
All window sills will be wiped down
Sky lights
Minor window repair
Cleaning can be scheduled quarterly, monthly,  
     weekly, or on-time only.